How to Make Your Own Pencil Case and Makeup Bag – No Sewing Required!

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How to Make Your Own Pencil Case and Makeup Bag – No Sewing Required!


I enjoy sewing, but I have to say it is something I am still struggling to learn, so I am always looking for no sew projects. Most no sew projects don’t look nearly as impressive as sew projects, but now and again you come across an exception. For example, check out this awesome video I just found that teaches you how to make a pencil case and a makeup bag:



Both of these look really incredible when they are completed! Best of all, this video includes both sew and no-sew instructions, and neither are complicated. They are clearly presented and I had no problem following them. After I try out the no sew versions of the projects, I plan to try the sew projects since they look very approachable. I think this will be a great learning process for me.

To add to the fun and creativity, these projects would also be easy to customize; not only can you pick any fabric that you want, but you could also add on pretty embellishments. I haven’t tried out either of these designs yet, but I am totally excited to do so! These would make awesome gifts for people since you could personalize them (this should easily take care of all the birthday gifts I need to make this year, and maybe a few holiday gifts as well). I hope that you enjoy watching the video tutorial and have fun making these beautiful sew and no-sew projects!