20 of the Best Mason Jar Projects

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Although intended for canning, it seems as though mason jars are used for everything but! Their vintage charm has become more popular than slap bracelets were in the 90’s. I have to admit, I love them, too. I actually paid an unreasonable price for them today at Hobby Lobby: $2 a jar! That was out of pure laziness because I know you can buy these things for pennies at thrift stores, antique malls, and flea markets; maybe it’s their affordability that makes them so desirable? Either way, here are a few of my favorite unique ways to utilize a mason jar!


01. Chalkboard Mason Jar Centerpiece

You could get really creative and use tape and stencils to cut out just about any shape you’d like. Maybe a pumpkin for Fall or a gingerbread man for Christmas? The chalkboard paint allows you to customize even further with chalk (perhaps write a name or special note if you’re giving them away as gifts).

AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-01Source & Instructions: Heart Love Weddings

02. Repurposed Parmesan Lid

Wow! A parmesan lid screws onto the top of small mouthed mason jars. Now you can use it to store your freshly grated parmesan or special seasoning blend. It would even look nice siting on the counter.

AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-02Source & Instructions: The Make Your Own Zone

03. Mason Jar Salt Dispenser

Use the top of a Morton salt dispenser to replace your mason jar lid. Now you can use it to store and dispense sugar, salt, pepper, or seasoning! Simply use the lid to trace the exact measurement needed.

AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-03Source & Instructions: Put It In A Jar

04. Mason Jar Photo Frames

Easy enough! I love the way these upside down mason jars look all grouped together with different sized jars and photos.

AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-04Source & Instructions: Photo jojo

05. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Add a vintage touch to your bathroom or kitchen with these inexpensive mason jar soap dispensers! With the right pump, I’m assuming you could also do this for lotion or hand sanitizer.

AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-05ASource & Instructions: Love Grows Wild

06. Mason Jar Gifts

Mason jars make for beautiful gifts, especially for the holidays. Stack the dry ingredients of your favorite recipe (brownies, cookies, etc.) and print the recipe on the top or inside of the lid. Decorate the jar however you’d like with ribbon, twine, washi tape and a tag.

AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-06ASource & Instructions: Samantha Richardson

07. Mason Jar Hanging Lights

Add some charm to your kitchen with DIY mason jar lights. They look spectacular grouped together over a table! For safety reasons, the light bulbs do need to breathe, so be sure to drill a small hole in the top or bottom of the jars. Do your research before taking on this project!

AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-07Source & Instructions: Woon Blog

08. Mason Jar Lamps

Perfect for a small side table or fireplace mantel! They wouldn’t put off much light, but they could definitely add warmth and character to just about any room.


AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-08Source: Etsy

09. Mason Jar Solar Lights

These DIY solar lights are easier than you might think, and so much better than the ones you can buy at a hardware store!

AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-09Source & Instructions: Today’s Creative Blog

10. Mason Jar Mini Sewing Kit

Store all of your small sewing supplies inside of a jar and use the top as a pin cushion.

AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-10Source & Instructions: Martha Stewart

11. Mason Jar Terrarium

Mason jars are perfect for growing herbs and other small plants, especially in a sunny kitchen window.



AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-11-2Source & Instructions: Put It In A Jar

12. Mason Jar Beach Keepsake

Use a mason jar to display items from a recent beach vacation! You could even place a photo from the trip on the inside as a backdrop. I did this last year and the jar ended up full of bugs! It might be a good idea to clean and air out your shells before sealing them in the jar.

AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-12Source & Instructions: Mom 4 Real

13. Mason Jar Desk Organizer

Stack and glue jars, and then use them to store your office or craft supplies. How clever!

AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-13ASource & Instructions: It’s Overflowing

14. Mason Jar Lanterns

Use pliers and wire to turn mason jars into hanging lanterns. You could use just about any filler to make it fitting for the occasion.

AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-14ASource & Instructions: Intimate Weddings

15. Mason Jar Floating Centerpiece

Looking for an easy and beautiful centerpiece? Fill your jars with water and drop a floating candle on top! You could also fill the bottom with river rocks, pebbles, or anything that sinks.


AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-15Source & Instructions: Emmaline Bride

16. Mason Jar Under-Shelf Storage

Screw the lids to the bottom of a shelf as a unique way to store craft supplies and other small knick knacks.

AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-16ASource & Instructions: Poofy Cheeks

17. Mason Jar Lamp Base

I love this simple look! You could also fill it with anything you’d like: acorns, shells, pinecones, or anything that fits the room’s decor.


AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-17ASource & Instructions: Redberry Barn

18. Mason Jar Light Makeover

Replace an outdated light cover with a large mason jar.


AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-18ASource & Instructions: Apartment Therapy

19. Mason Jar To-Go Cups

With a few simple steps, you can turn mason jars into nifty to-go cups. These would make for fun gifts!


AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-19-1Source & Instructions: Fine & Feathered

20. Mason Jar Holiday Lanterns

With a little bit of tissue paper and mod podge (or watered down glue), you can turn ordinary mason jars into festive holiday lanterns. This looks like a fun project for the kids!


AD-The-20-Best-Mason-Jar-Projects-20-ASource & Instructions: Put It In A Jar