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Delicious Two-Week Weight Loss Challenge for Weight Watchers

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This delicious two-week meal plan can help you cook, eat healthy and feel amazing.

Kickstart healthy eating with a 2-week plan designed for anyone wanting to lose a few pounds, without feeling like you’re on a diet.We’ve rounded up more than 70 recipes — one for every meal of the day plus a snack and a dessert — arranging them into an easy-to-follow menu plan that will keep you feeling full all day long.Each recipe has been designed with Weight Watchers points in mind, but you don’t have to be following a Weight Watchers diet to enjoy this challenge! Flavorful and delicious, you’ll be delighted to discover none of the meals have more than 10 points per serving, and most hover around 1-3 points! Healthy eating has never been so easy.To make this plan easy to track and use, we recommend saving your recipes on kitchme.com, then using our easy tools to schedule the meals and create custom shopping lists. Preparation is key to success, and having meals planned out, prepped and ready to go for each day will help you make the most of this challenge.By sticking to the outlined menu and watching your serving sizes, you can expect to lose weight in Week 1.

9 Things You Need To Know About KitchMe’s Weight Loss Challenge Before You Start:

1. Eat real food. There are NO required foods. You eat real, ordinary food from the grocery store.

2. Enjoy the leftovers. Whether you’re cooking for one or making meals for your entire family, you may have some leftovers. Feel free to swap these in for scheduled recipes or tote them to the office and get your coworkers to join you in healthy eating!

3. Measure your servings. Getting accustomed to proper serving sizes may take some time. Rather than eyeballing your portion sizes, you might consider purchasing a small food scale which will help you put the right amounts on your plate.

4. Not hungry? Skip it! You don’t have to eat every meal, snack or dessert. If your body is telling you it’s full, feel free to skip one or two dishes in a day. Or swap them out for a glass of water and handful of fresh vegetables instead.

5. Still hungry? Eat veggies! Though we’ve carefully designed each day’s schedule, matching meals and snacks together to create a balanced day of eating, you may still crave sugar or sweets. If you feel like you need to supplement, focus on filling up with zero point foods — raw fruits and veggies can always be enjoyed in abundance on this plan. Though fruit is a zero point treat on the points plan, it can be high in natural sugars, which can increase hunger and cravings. If you’re craving a snack, reach for raw veggies instead. High in fiber and low in sugar, they’re the safest way to satiate hunger and still lose weight.

6. What are Weight Watcher’s Points? Every food has been assigned a PointsPlus value, based on nutritional components. For simplicity, we just call PointsPlus – ‘points’. Every day you’ll get a certain amount of points values that you can “spend” on any food you like, just like a real budget. Stick to it and you’ll lose weight.

7. Drink six glasses of water per day. The specific amount is 60 ounces of water per day. You don’t have to be exact, but do try to boost your hydration daily! If at any point you do feel hungry, check your thirst levels! Your body may be asking for hydration, a signal which can often feel like hunger.

8. Eat every three to four hours. And try not to eat within two hours of bedtime. This simple formula will keep you from bingeing because of hunger.

9. Avoid coffee and alcohol. We understand this is a tough one. So if you decide to cheat, limit yourself to just two glasses of wine, one for each week of the challenge.

Get Ready to Eat Right

Weight loss success is right around the corner! With our free 2-Week Weight Loss Challenge, you’ll be eating better than ever…;and losing weight. The next 14 days will help you get closer to your healthy goals. We can’t wait to see where you go from there!


Day 1. Start the day with muffins in the morning and a Southern inspired Sticky Chicken at night. Total value for everything from breakfast to dessert (so long as you don’t sneak!) just 19 points! See Day 1 meal plan and recipe details.

Day 2. MexiFest today! Spice things up with delicious Mexican-inspired eats that will keep you feeling full all day long. An omelet in the morning, delicious guacamole for snack and the best pork chops you’ve ever eaten for dinner. Plus, cake for dessert. All added up? Just 19 points! See Day 2 meal plan and recipe details.
Day 3. Today starts off with 1-point pancakes, with a flavorful salad for snack, filling egg salad for lunch and a hearty soup that will have you feeling like you’re dining at your favorite burger joint. Total point value for today’s menu, 16 points. And that included Double Chocolate Chip Cookies for dessert! See Day 3 meal plan and recipe details.
Day 4. Start the day off with a big breakfast, and you’ll feel fueled (and full!) all day long. Enjoying larger meals during the first part of your day will keep energy levels up during the busiest hours. As you eat your way through today’s menu, notice your body’s response. It may respond well to larger meals in the morning and mid-afternoon. But don’t forget dinner! Today’s 3-point Baked Shrimp is an absolutely delicious way to end your day. And our Weight Watchers candy? Delish! See Day 4 meal plan and recipe details.
Day 5. After yesterday’s hearty morning of eating, today kicks off on a lighter note. Start today with a refreshing smoothie, then enjoy our easy-tote BLT Pasta Salad for snack and a veggie-packed quesadilla for lunch. Juicy burgers are on the menu for dinner. All told, your meals will count for just 17 points today. So indulging in our 4-point Honey Spice Cake will be a no-guilt delight! See Day 5 meal plan and recipe details.
Day 6. Pack your morning with protein! Our filling omelet counts for 5 points, but may be all you want to eat until lunch! The rest of the day rounds out nicely, with on-the-go PB Energy bites, an absolutely scrumptious Chicken Salad and cozy Slow Cooker Chili waiting for you when you get home. 21 points today, and you’ll love every single bite! See Day 6 meal plan and recipe details.
Day 7. Your first week is done and hasn’t it been delicious?! More goodness to come today! You’ll start the morning with Mini Cinnamon Rolls, snack on stir fried veggies, bite into a gooey Monte Cristo for lunch and finish off a take-out inspired dinner of Lemon Chicken. With a chocolate cupcake to finish off this 18-point day, this menu may become a try-again favorite! See Day 7 meal plan and recipe details.
Day 8. Comfort food for breakfast is a great way to kick off any day! Homemade Potato Latkes make a delicious morning meal. We suggest serving them with wilted spinach and a poached egg for extra protein. Spoon into a bowl of our incredible Cabbage Soup at snack time, then a Pasta Salad for lunch, Oven-Fried Fish for dinner and fudge (yes, fudge!) for dessert today. See Day 8 meal plan and recipe details.
Day 9. With everything from Oatmeal Apple Muffins to Cheese Souffle and Cube Steak on today’s menu, chances are you’ll forget your counting points. Everything is so delicious! Don’t worry though, we’ve calculated the numbers for you, keeping today’s total and just 20 points. See Day 9 meal plan and recipe details.
Day 10. With a hearty Farmers Breakfast Casserole and indulgent Pita Pizza both on today’s menu for breakfast and dinner, you may worry that you’ll have to skip lunch to keep your points in check. Not so! We’ve scheduled in a 0 point snack so good you won’t want to miss it, and a 2-point lunch that will have you happy it’s time to eat! See Day 10 meal plan and recipe details.
Day 11. Sweet Corn Cakes, Chicken Salad, Baked Pasta and Marshmallow Crispy Bars. Sound like a menu you’ll have to eat another time? Not with these recipes! Today’s menu is all about enjoying your favorite flavors, while adding just 19 points to your food journal. See Day 11 meal plan and recipe details.
Day 12. Any day that starts with chocolate is guaranteed to be a good one! Make your morning sweeter than ever with our 3-point chocolate smoothie, then dive into a day full of incredibly flavorful foods. Our Honey Glazed Wasabi Salmon will make you feel like you’re eating at a high end restaurant and the Cookies and Cream Tortoni for dessert is guaranteed to be an instant favorite! See Day 12 meal plan and recipe details.
Day 13. You’re almost there! 13 days of healthy eating and you don’t even feel scrimped on, right? Today’s menu delivers even more decadent recipes, everyone of which will have you looking forward to every meal. From a French Toast morning to a Mexican Casserole dinner, Day 13 is all about international flavors made deliciously easy. See Day 13 meal plan and recipe details.
Day 14. We’ve saved the best for last! Fill up on 3-point Pumpkin Muffins, pudding BLT wraps and our incredible Cola Chicken recipe. Then give yourself a pat on the back with a bowl of homemade apple crisp. You’ve made it 14 days! Enjoy your 19-point day today, then go back and revisit your favorite menu and keep the healthy eating going into Day 15 and beyond! See Day 14 meal plan and recipe details.

Want to see a summary? Check out all our meal plans for this Weight Loss Challenge!

DAY 1. See full meal plan details.

  • BREAKFAST: Weight Watchers Muffins (1 point)
  • SNACK: Citrus Salad With Mint (2 points)
  • LUNCH: Mom’s Vegetable Soup (1 point)
  • DINNER: Sticky Chicken (9 points)
  • DINNER SIDE: Weight Watchers Coleslaw (1 point)
  • DESSERT: Chunky Warm Apple “Pie” (5 points)
  • DAY 2. See full meal plan details.

  • BREAKFAST: Spinach and Artichoke Pie (3 points)
  • SNACK: Weight Watchers Creamy Guacamole (1 point)
  • LUNCH: Black Bean, Corn and Salsa Dip
  • DINNER: Mexican Pork Chops with Veggies (7 points)
  • DESSERT Weight Watcher Sunshine Cake (2 points)
  • DAY 3. See full meal plan details.

  • BREAKFAST: The Best Weight Watchers Pancake Ever (1 point)
  • SNACK: Cranberry, Pear and Spinach Salad (6 points)
  • LUNCH: Weight Watchers Egg Salad (3 points)
  • DINNER: Slow Cooker Cheeseburger Soup (5 points)
  • DESSERT: Lowfat Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (1 point)
  • DAY 4. See full meal plan details.

  • BREAKFAST: Weight Watchers Breakfast Burritos (8 points)
  • SNACK: Tomato Salad With Red Onion (2 points)
  • LUNCH: Italian Stuffed Tuna Sandwich (10 points)
  • DINNER: Spicy Baked Shrimp (3 points)
  • DESSERT: Weight Watchers Candy (1 point)
  • DAY 5. See full meal plan details.

  • BREAKFAST: Blackberry Peach Smoothie (5 points)
  • SNACK: Weight Watchers BLT Pasta Salad (2 points)
  • LUNCH: Applebee’s Copycat Lowfat Veggie Quesedilla (6 points)
  • DINNER: Weight Watchers Juicy Hamburgers (4 points)
  • DESSERT: Honey Spice Cake (4 points)
  • DAY 6. See full meal plan details.

  • BREAKFAST: Ham and Parmesan Omelet (5 points)
  • SNACK: No-Bake Peanut Butter Energy Bites (3 points)
  • LUNCH: Southwestern Chicken-Bean Salad (6 points)
  • DINNER: Slow Cooker Chili (3 points)
  • DESSERT: Weight Watchers Blueberry Cobbler (7 points)
  • DAY 7. See full meal plan details.

  • BREAKFAST: Mini Cinnamon Rolls (2 points)
  • SNACK: Stir-Fried Chinese Vegetables (1 point)
  • LUNCH: Monte Cristo Sandwich (8 points)
  • DINNER: Lemon Pepper Chicken (3 points)
  • DESSERT: Chocolate Cupcakes (4 points)
  • DAY 8. See full meal plan details.

  • BREAKFAST: Potato Latkes (3 points)
  • SNACK: Cabbage Soup (1 point)
  • LUNCH: Avocado and Tomato Pasta Salad (8 points)
  • DINNER: Weight Watchers Oven-Fried Fish (4 points)
  • DESSERT: Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge (3 points)
  • DAY 9. See full meal plan details.

  • BREAKFAST: Apple Oatmeal Muffins (4 points)
  • SNACK: Crisp and Spicy Cheese Twists (2 points)
  • LUNCH: Weight Watchers Cheese Souffle (2 points)
  • DINNER: Cube Steak with Gravy and Potatoes (8 points)
  • DESSERT: Chocolate Chip Blondies (4 points)
  • Day 10. See full meal plan details.

  • BREAKFAST: Farmer’s Breakfast Casserole (7 points)
  • SNACK: Pintos and Cheese
  • LUNCH: Weight Watchers Roasted Red Pepper Dip (2 points) with Broccoli, Sliced Peppers and Carrots
  • DINNER: Pita Pizza (9 points)
  • DESSERT: Easy Tasty Frozen Pie (1 point)
  • Day 11. See full meal plan details.

  • BREAKFAST: Sweet Corn Cakes (4 points)
  • SNACK: Yogurt Fluff (1 point)
  • LUNCH: Chicken Salad (5 points)
  • DINNER: Ziti with Ground Beef (7 points)
  • DESSERT: Weight Watchers Mallow Crispy Treats (2 points)
  • DAY 12. See full meal plan details.

  • BREAKFAST: Chocolate Banana Smoothie (3 points)
  • SNACK: Zucchini Fries (3 points)
  • LUNCH: Spicy Tuna Pasta Toss (6 points)
  • DINNER: Honey Glazed Salmon with Wasabi (4 points)
  • DESSERT: Cookies and Cream Tortoni (3 points)
  • DAY 13. See full meal plan details.

  • BREAKFAST: Weight Watchers French Toast (3 points)
  • SNACK: Caramel Apple Salad (2 points)
  • LUNCH: Egg Drop Soup with Chicken (3 points)
  • DINNER: Mexican Casserole (6.5 points)
  • DESSERT: Mexican Hot Chocolate (4 points)
  • DAY 14. See full meal plan details.

  • BREAKFAST: Pumpkin Muffins (3 points)
  • SNACK: Pudding Jello Fruit Fluff (3 points)
  • LUNCH: BLT Wraps (3 points)
  • DINNER: Cola Chicken (5 points)
  • DESSERT: Mom’s Apple Crisp (6 points)